32×10 Anti-Vandal Office, Kitchen & Toilet Unit

Complete with furbished office, kitchen fully installed with units and toilet with wash area. This unit is designed with 3 entry ports, 2 of which provide a clear access through the center of the building. Fully plumbed, wired and trimmed. Ready to go.

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20×10 Heavy Duty Anti-Vandal Office

20×10 Heavy Duty Anti-Vandal site office – in great condition. This unit is fitted with sliding-shutter windows and jacklegs built internally through the structure. The inside of the unit contains space laid out for architectural / construction based plan work etc. An ideal, secure office building. £5,000

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24×12 Anti-Vandal Security Unit

    24×12 Anti-Vandal Unit Split in to two open-plan rooms, each with their own entries. Complete with all trimmings including heaters already fitted. Sliding heavy-duty security window guards. Ready to go.

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16×10 Anti-Vandal Toilet Block

closed blue Toilet cubicle

  16×10 Anti-Vandal Toilet Block Split in to two sections. Section 1: Male washroom and toilet complete with large urinal, two sinks and 3 Cubicles. Section 2: Male/Female Single toilet with 1 cubicle and sink. Fully wired, plumbed and ready to go.

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