** Brand New Stow Racking Now in Stock **

“Get it off the Ground”

Now in stock – quality UK Made Stow Racking. Improve your storage system with this brand new racking. Available in a range of variations including tonne bars to three tonne bars with wooden, powder-coated and galvanised inserts now in stock also. Each bay can be fully customised to requirement and comes with safety pins on each shelf as standard.

Stow Racking provides an ideal storage solution for factories, warehouse firms and more. “Get it off the Ground” – Unlock the true potential of your storage space. With the uprights starting around 1100mm wide, this racking presents a viable solution for wood, steel, rubber or carpet storage.

Services offered with this racking include custom design plans – specifically for your own space. We also offer installation and fitting services. Contact us today to receive a free quote.